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Are you ready to have that old tub pulled out and turn the space into a roomy two-person shower or sleek, frameless glass shower enclosure? If you are, then it is time you spoke to people who’ve made such centerpieces a reality for their bathroom in Chicago. One thing they will all tell you is that long, relaxing showers have now become their new way to relieve stress.

Can smaller bathrooms in older houses be expanded into master baths? In most cases, yes, they can. The same applies if you are looking to update your bathroom with some new plumbing fixtures, tiles, and lighting that give the room a modern touch that complements the feel and overall look of your house.

Whether you plan on living in the same house for years or are planning on selling the property, remodeling your bathroom does have tons of advantages. One of the main benefits of giving the room a fresh, new look is the outstanding value a makeover adds to your home. According to the NRA (National Association of Realtors), a simple bathroom makeover can add about $45,000 to the property’s resale value. At the same time, makeovers present some of the most significant cost-to-value ratios of any home improvement project.


Updating your bathroom will also make it possible for you to introduce modern, updated luxuries into the room, making it more enjoyable, visually appealing, and functional. Advances in technology have produced countless amenities and innovations for bathtubs, showers, sinks, cabinets, and lighting, making it even easier for homeowners to transform their bathrooms into beautiful havens where they can relax and unwind.

Furthermore, when a bathroom remodels is well-thought-out, the project could add extra space to the room through additional counter space, roomier closets, and larger cabinets. If you are planning a remodel, consider adding aesthetically pleasing yet efficient solutions like open shelves to increase storage space in the room while providing extra elements of visual interest.

Regardless of your vision for what an ideal bathroom should look like, Bathroom Remodeling Chicago Inc . has the expertise and experience needed to make it a reality. We take pride in the fact that we create innovative solutions for makeover projects that not only add incredible functional value to your home but are also gorgeous to look at too!

As a bathroom remodeling services provider, we believe in adhering to straightforward business practices – and that, to us, means adhering to project time frames and offering precise project estimates. Take time and research our history working with past clients, and you’ll notice one thing – we always provide superior craftsmanship and uncompromising quality with every project we take on. At Bathroom Remodeling Chicago Inc ., we provide the customized bathroom makeover every homeowner prefers. Our long list of satisfied clients can attest to this. Give us a call today and take the first step towards having the bathroom of your dreams created.

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Our team of professionals are highly skilled when it comes to installing granite, quartz and marble counters. We're also experts in tile, plumbing and tile work, as well as demolition. We can do a full bathroom remodeling, and it doesn't matter how small or complex your project is; We are capable of handling it.
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